Unleash Your Home's Potential

DesignScape is an exclusive program offered by Finearch Design, dedicated to enhancing your shopping experience and transforming your home. With DesignScape, for every two product purchases you make, you'll receive the opportunity to collaborate with a professional interior designer who will create a personalized design plan for your home. Whether you're looking to revamp a single room or transform your entire living space, our expert designers will provide tailored recommendations and guidance to bring your vision to life.


1. Make two product purchases: For every two items you purchase from our extensive collection of home goods and accessories, you qualify for a complimentary interior design consultation through DesignScape. 

2. Submit your house layout: Once you've made your qualifying purchases, you can submit a simple layout drawing of your house, including room dimensions and any specific requirements or preferences you have to our email or https://finearchdesign.com/pages/contact and we will direct you to one of our interior designer. You may also ask our expert interior designers to rearrange your room with your current furnitures and belongings to maximize your space and aesthetics.

3. Connect with an interior designer: Our team will match you with a skilled interior designer best suited to your style and needs. They will reach out to you within 1-3 business days to kickstart the design process.

4. Collaborate and receive your personalized design plan: Your assigned interior designer will work closely with you, taking into account your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Through detailed discussions and regular communication, they will craft a personalized design plan for your home, including furniture arrangement, color schemes, decor suggestions, and more. This design plan comes with our own 3D rendering of your space as well as a 2D floor plan layout with furnitures arranged. 

5. Enjoy your transformed space: Once you've received your design plan, you can start implementing the recommendations at your own pace. Feel the joy of seeing your home come to life with the assistance of a professional interior designer.