ArtVault™ - Display Frame

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- Product Dimensions: 12"L x 14.5"W
- Hanging Wire included
- Shape: Rectangular
- Mounting Type: Wall Mount
- Frame Material: Engineered Wood
- Finish Type: Polished
- Color Options: Black, White, Wooden, Rustic Blue

Effortlessly Swap and Display Your Child's Masterpieces
The Ultimate Picture Frame for your Kids' Masterpieces, preserving and displaying a gallery of A4 art drawings and effortlessly switching out new creations with ease.
It's not just about displaying their artwork; it's about igniting their imagination, fostering their confidence, and celebrating their creativity. With the ArtVault Display Frame, every glance evokes a sense of pure joy, reminding you of the boundless love and pride you feel for your little artist.

Celebrate Every Brushstroke & Cherish Every Doodle 

Declutter your fridge: Say goodbye to the cluttered mess of papers on your fridge door. With ArtVault, you can proudly showcase your kids' artwork in a dedicated and organized manner, freeing up valuable space on your refrigerator.

Effortless Organization: The ArtVault eliminates the hassle of storing and organizing your kids' A4 art drawings by providing a single frame that can store up to 150 drawings, keeping them neat and easily accessible.

Versatile Display: With ArtVault, you can proudly showcase your children's artistic talents by quickly and conveniently switching out their latest creations, creating an ever-changing gallery of their artwork.

Protective Preservation: ArtVault's frame design which uses an elastic band ensures that your kids' art drawings are well-protected from damage, such as creases, tears, or fading, allowing you to preserve their artwork for years to come.

Meaningful gift idea: This frame makes for a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for parents, grandparents, or any art-loving individuals, allowing them to proudly display and cherish their creative endeavors. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Ashley Rodgers
Gift these to everyone

These are AMAZEBALLS !!!!! Excellent for the price. Love the magnetic closure to the front hinged door! and that you can store artwork in them! I got one for each one of my stepsons.

Cynthea Smith
Buy this! It’s perfect to display your little artist creations!

Glass, sturdy, well built, holders installed on back to mount to wall.

Carson M.
Sophisticated Display for your Kids artwork

I was unsure at first when I saw the ads for it but it is the best purchase I ever made! I don’t like clutter but I want to display my 8yo’s artwork. Instead of the fridge I have her pick which piece of artwork she would like to display. She really likes it bc it looks fancy and like our other pieces of framed artwork. There’s enough room to store older artwork. It opens easily. I placed it in the corner of my counter in the kitchen since we are in there more often. But it provides the ability to hang on the wall. Highly recommend! Such a great idea to display your kiddos artwork.

Matthew Sorge
Great Frame!

The frame is awesome. Handy, convenient, and easy to display a child's artwork on the fly while storing past pieces in the frame itself.

Quinten Oberbrunner

Perfect! No longer knew where to put the children's drawings, amazing solution