MystiBloom™ - Cloud Tulip Mirror Lamp

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- 1 Set DIY Cloud Tulip Mirror Lamp
- 20 Flowers
- Glue Stick
- Tweezer
- 1 set of AAA Batteries Included
- USB Plug

- Material: Glass, Epoxy, Plastic
- Power Source: AAA Battery or USB Plug
- Switch Type: Touch
- Size: 25cm X 18cm

Mirror by Day, Glowing Mini Tulips by Night!

A magical blend of elegance and illumination. Watch as this cloudy mirror transforms into a radiant lamp, illuminating your space with the enchanting glow of mini tulips.

During the day, it serves as a sleek, cloud-shaped mirror. But when the night falls and it's turned on, delicate mini tulips hidden within the mirror come to life, casting a soothing glow. 

Create an Ambiance of Pure Enchantment

Magical Illumination - Transform any space into a whimsical wonderland as the mirror lamp reveals enchanting mini tulips that emit a soft, captivating glow, adding a touch of magic to your surroundings.

Unique Decor Piece - Elevate your interior decor with the MystiBloom lamp that seamlessly combines the functionality of a lamp with the allure of an artful mirror, making it a conversation starter and focal point in any room.

Space-Saving Elegance - Enjoy the benefits of a mirror and lamp in one compact design, ideal for smaller spaces or areas where optimizing utility and aesthetic appeal is essential.

Impressive Gift Choice - Offer a unique and thoughtful gift option that merges creativity, practicality, and aesthetic appeal, sure to delight friends and loved ones.

Quirky Conversation Starter - Invite curiosity and engagement from guests with the unexpected surprise of glowing tulips within a mirror, sparking delightful conversations.



Customer Reviews

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Jack Cornish

The quality is good and very beautiful. It was a gift and I think it is very meaningful to assemble with your own hands. My sister was so happy when she received it, thank you seller!

werewrrew sewerwer

Why is it so cute! 😍

Benedict K

Bought this item for my wife and she loved it. Her favorite flower is tulips so she really loved it. Will be soon buying one for myself. The customer service was also great. The owner got in contact with me really quickly and assured me that my item will get here fairly soon.

fwefwe wefwef
So cute

I am absolutely thrilled!! Unfortunately, the package and the goods were damaged during shipping. The seller was super nice and immediately provided a replacement! Top service 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 the lamp is simply beautiful and well made